What is an Open Box Mobile Phone?

An open box is an unsealed mobile phone that is unused and comes with heavy discounts. You will be the first user of the mobile. Get the best brands now at our store. We offer high-quality devices that are certified by the manufacturer. Order now to get the best deals on brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and many more.

How is Open Box Mobile Phones different from New Mobile Phones?

Comparison between new and open-box mobiles

There are three conditions in Open Box Category products, those are listed below:

For like new condition will be sealed opened but un-used mobile phones—like the customer orders any mobile phone or iPhone and when it is delivered to the customer, the customer denies receiving it for personal reasons; he or she denies buying that mobile phone because then that mobile phone returned to the company that will count as an open box mobile phone.

What is Like New Condition?

Like new – No scratches or dents on Device,

What is Good Condition?

Good – Less than 3 scratches on Device,

What is Fair Condition?

Fair – Major Scratches / Dents on the Device.

Is it safe to buy an open box?

Using an Open Box Mobile purchased from our store is completely safe because you are the first owner of the device. The phone is open-boxed because it is unsealed. We offer high-performing mobiles at the lowest price in India. The device comes with a warranty and free shipping across India.

Is open box refurbished?

The distinction between open-box and refurbished products lies primarily in their condition and the restoration process. A refurbished product undergoes repair and restoration before being reintroduced for sale, often accompanied by a warranty. On the other hand, an open-box product is one that has been returned and placed back on the shelf with an open-box label, indicating its previous ownership but without undergoing the refurbishment process.

Do open box items have warranty?

Yes, the open-box mobiles offered by our stores come with a warranty of 6 to 12 months. Along with the warranty, we also offer 24*7 technical support and free shipping across India. The device is as good as a regular mobile since it is just unsealed and you are the first owner.

What is the difference between open box and refurbished iPhone?

Regardless of the situation, the key distinction between open-box and refurbished devices lies in the repair process. Open-box devices typically do not undergo manufacturer repairs before being resold, whereas refurbished devices have undergone a comprehensive inspection and restoration process to function as if they were brand-new models.

Does open box mean defective?

An open-box product refers to an item that a customer has returned after opening, which is then resold by the retailer. Various reasons prompt customers to return these open-box items, although it's important to note that they may not necessarily be faulty.

What is the difference between open box and brand new?

When a product is labeled as "open-box," it indicates that the packaging has been opened. The item may have been returned, but not necessarily due to damage. An open-box product could simply be a result of a customer changing their mind about the purchase.